Valle Siriaca Agritourism is part of a Biological Farm, surrounded by a hilly country bordering the Veio Park. The biological – naturalistic farm, perfectly in line with the cultural – historical tradition of the area, breeds wild cattles for food. Moreover it yields, according to farm hand systems, well known oil since the ancient times. It is close to Rome ( 20 Km ) and is particularly appreciated by people interested in a rural as well as cultural vacation. It offers complete relax in the countryside and the opportunity to visit the Eternal City. The main structure is composed of ten newly remodelled living units. Five of them has its own kitchen and complete equipment, air conditioning in all rooms, TV, wide living room. The five rooms have an outside centralized barbeque, ample parking space or garage. A wide equipped terrace is available for guests. The swimming pool in front of panorama is available for guests.